10:30-11:30 Workshop: Beyond First Year Experience

Dr. Alison Reed, Matt Beale, and Jamie Henthorn

Beyond First Year Experience

Many students just out of graduate school see their only only option for sharing the knowledge they’ve acquired over the past 2+ years to be teaching first year composition. This often manifests in taking an adjunct position at a local college or university. This workshop includes three panelists who have used teaching skills in different contexts (higher level college writing courses, non-tenure full-time teaching, and volunteering to teach at a local prison). Attendees will have the opportunity to bring CVs and questions about ways to apply their skills outside of adjuncting or applying for PhD programs.

1:45- 2:45 Workshop: Learning Beyond the Lecture:

Creative Assignments in English Studies Classes

Megan McKittrick, Cathleen Rhodes, Ashley Barnett

This workshop will explore examples of creative assignment design for English Studies courses that seek to engage students in critical practices and hands-on experiences, connecting English Studies to larger concepts that affect students’ daily lives. As part of the workshop, attendees are encouraged to bring assignments they have designed to share with one another or assignments that they would like to think through further developing by collaborating with others.

4:00-5:00 Workshop: Life Making Real Money: Alt-Ac

Dr. Angela Harrison, Dr. Vincent Rhodes, Venecia Kelly

While the dominant narrative is that teaching and research at a four year institution will be the obvious career path for a Humanities graduate student, there are many interesting alternatives. This workshop will explore alternative academic job opportunities, such as curriculum development and technical editing, upon graduation from a Masters or PhD program in the Humanities.

Posted by Megan Mize