Keynote 2017

HU 2017 Speaker

Robyn Warhol

Reading Like a Victorian: Experiencing Serial Novels Synchronically

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Robyn Warhol, from

Dr. Robyn Warhol, Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor and Chair of English at the Ohio State University, will discuss the Victorian Serial Novels online project through the lenses of access and ethics as a way to read 19th century novels serially and in their cultural contexts.

The Victorian Serial Novels project, on which Warhol collaborates with PhD candidate Colleen Morrisey, makes it easy to read serial installments of Victorian novels alongside installments of other novels that were appearing in the same “serial moment,” or month and year. Visitors can navigate to a particular month and year to read installments of novels that came out simultaneously; collections of such installments whose serial parts overlapped are called “stacks.” Researchers are able to read these stacks in the order they were published, or they may read by title or by date, depending on their research needs and preferences.

As a feminist narratologist, Warhol studies the interrelations between gender and narrative forms in literature and popular culture. She is known among feminist scholars as the co-editor (with Diane Price Herndl) of Feminisms: An Anthology of Literary Theory and Criticism (1991, 1997) and its successor, Feminisms Redux (2009). Among other publications, Warhol has written Having a Good Cry: Effeminate Feelings and Popular Forms (2003), a study of the ways sentimental, romantic, and serial texts work to establish and reinforce gendered performance in fans of long-form TV series, Hollywood film, and Victorian and contemporary serial fiction, and Gendered Interventions: Narrative Discourse in the Victorian Novel (1989), an early work of feminist narratology which explicates her model of the “engaging narrator.”