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Join the English Graduate Organization!

EGO is a student-run organization dedicated to enhancing the experiences of all English graduate students during their time at Old Dominion. This organization strives to include English graduate students of all levels. In the past, EGO has helped organize Mock Orals, as well as workshops regarding topics such as conferences and CV preparation. EGO also continues the proud English major tradition of lively socializing, with frequent events such as “English Shenanigans.” There are, of course, other more elevated social events that are just as fun.

Join the Rhetoric Society at Old Dominion University

ODU’s Rhetoric Society is dedicated to discussing current issues in the field of rhetoric, exploring rhetorical methodologies, and professionalizing our members. We do so through a series of meetings and informal roundtables, in an effort to foster a productive and congenial community invested in exploring the many aspects of rhetoric as a field!

Join MediaCommons!

MediaCommons Organization manages and edits the front page of MediaCommons (, a scholarly website for the digital humanities and media studies.


Posted by Megan Mize