Humanities Unbound 2015: The Game

Humanities Unbound 2015: The Game

In order to make the most of Humanities Unbound, let’s play a series of games together! Throughout the conference, you will want to use the following tasks as a way of generating points, as well as interacting with your fellow participants. In the end, the player with the most points wins a prize: Friendship! Not good enough? All right, we can appreciate your materialistic nature. How about an iPad mini ?

Be sure to record all of your activity in the booklet you receive when you register, then turn it in at the end of the conference. We will record the information from your booklet and return it to you.

At the end of the conference, submit your results at this link. Then tweet a picture of your booklet with the hashtag #HUODU2015. 

For Distance Players, please use this .pdf to play. You will need to keep track of your efforts, then fill out the link above.

Download (PDF, 321KB)

Posted by Megan Mize