CFP 2016

2016 Call For Papers

Humanities Unbound: Connecting Academic Practices to Everyday Literacies

A Works-in-Progress Graduate Conference

On April 21st, the  Rhetoric Society, English Graduate Org, and Media Commons will be hosting a graduate student conference aimed at opening up a discussion of current student research within the Humanities. The conference will consist of a series of roundtables, each led by a scholar specializing in a particular sub-field of the humanities. We will explore the intersection of scholarship and real world practices through the following possible lenses:

  • Materiality
  • Society
  • Embodiment
  • Popular Culture
  • Textuality
  • Methods and Theory
  • Civic Engagement
  • Pedagogy
  • History and Archive
  • Gender/LGBTQ
  • Critical Race Studies
  • International and Global Perspectives

Participants will give brief (5-7 minutes maximum) presentations, after which moderator will lead a robust conversation. This conference functions very well as a “pre-conference” conference and a way to gain insight into final semester projects. As many of us have been accepted to late semester conferences, this can also be seen as preparation for “larger stages.”